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 Bleach Last War v1.0b

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PostSubject: Bleach Last War v1.0b   Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:10 am


Bleach Last War is an AoS between the Shinigami Forces and the Hollows of Hueco Mundo.

This map imports into warcraft the war going on between shinigami and arrancars in bleach anime. You can select which side you want to fight for, select your hero and start defending your side.

This map have unique style for an AOS types and it brings Bleach feelings as close to real

You can expect 41 heroes from the anime to choose from, each with JASS triggered spells and with custom models.

Heroes will have a special type of Ultimate ]BANKAI / SHIKAI] which grants them new abilities for 90/120s. Each time they use these abilities, it consumes time from BANKAI / SHIKAI. However, when killing creeps or Heroes, time is restored. This makes it easier to distinguish better players as this system allows them to go on a killing spree. Each Hero has the Evasive Skills item that allows them to be immune to damage for 1.5s, with a 20s cd. This makes Bleach Last War a game of reflex, timing, skill and experience.

Quote :
---====v1.0b Changelog====---
- Starrk Bug Fixed
- Sonido Master Fixed
- Hollow Mask Fixed
- Tensa Zangetsu Fixed
- Ballance issues Fixed
- Other minor things Fixed

For suggestions , bugs report and other things visit the map forum :

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Bleach Last War v1.0b
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