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 heroe builds

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PostSubject: heroe builds   Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:04 am

the 1st things that i was thought from the dude that thought me dota...long time ago like...5-6 years or so was that the items for heroes should be something like this

agility heroes need as/ms items....evasion or so....but the main thing about agility heroes is that the 1st thing they need attack speed items....and the rest of the items u get buy depenig of what heroe u have what type and what spells that heroe have most of the agi heroes are carry/dps ones.

strenght heroes always need hp/and healt regen....thats their main items....and then life steal...
most of the strenght heroes are tanks...and initiators

intel heroes they need mp/and mana regen as much as possible.....after u buy support items like healing allys ..hexing the enemy or so...most of the intel heroes are support ones...and nuker(makeing dmg with spells)

after this buils i make heroes...and play like that....thats a basic things for heroes...follow that and u will see that u will and hf XD
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heroe builds
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